my living | dining room part II

Finally the shelves and the bench arrived, but I was disappointed.
First the shelves were a nightmare to hung because this house has plasterboard walls. 
Despite the fact that we bought the right plugs the two screws below are not fixed properly,
 I suspect it's because the String is designed to have a gap distance from the wall 
(5mm or so) in the lower part in case you want to add another module. 
The plugs then are pulled a bit outside the wall because in the end plaster is like cardboard 
and it can't sustain the strain! My initial plan was to use the shelves to display my fav pottery but,
 I cannot trust a job not done properly on hollow walls. 
The second disappointment came with the bench. 
I had that one made to order from a local carpenter after a long discussion on the design 
(they always feel like they need to add some sort of decorative detail) I specified the wood clearly,
the carpenter though ignored my request and went on building a bench with a wood I'm not a big fan of (pine). 
Long, complicated and boring story and yes, it's my fault! 
I should have not paid him and leave the bench in his workshop, instead I took it home.
I cannot say I'm pleased, it's not exactly what I had in mind, but, at least it's solid and well made.
I really wanted a bench and the price it was good (and now I know why!). 
I think I can fix that with a white-wash, it will hide those pine knots and the slightly yellow colour.

An average rented house is a challenge to decorate, but if you rent something neutral, 
it's  possible to achieve a decent result.When the shell of your room is not great 
(ugly flooring, unnecessary weird details, pvc window frames) all you can do is to play with the details.
All in all I quite like how the whole room came out. 
The big challenge was and still is to keep it uncluttered, being a relatively small room with an odd shape 
(4.5 x4.5 m with a square L shape) it can be easily feel claustrophobic. 
I've been editing until I have left only the stuff I like/need. 
I use the word I, because so far my husband is ok with my taste in decoration
and frankly he doesn't care much about these things. 
My daughter (being a child) thinks it's too white but as long  
her room has colours it's fine, she can live with it.

Home decor is such a personal thing, there shouldn't be rules to follow either trends. 
Some people will like it others will hate it, but does it really matter?


bastisRIKE said...

attention, here comes one of those 'i love everything i see' comments. again. so: i love everything i see alessandra!

perfect inspiration for our future home i want to set up in a more simplified and reduced way.

barbara said...

che atmosfera!

Mina said...

just: perfect

naa said...

W O N D E R F U L !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really sorry about the mess with carpenters but I think you really created a beautiful and calming space. I would love to make things as "simple" but you know maybe I am not there yet... :) You know what I mean? Right now I have to many wishes and I know it's stupid but it's the way it is. :))

Btw: I think the most important thing is to have a home that suits the people who live in it... what others thinks it's not really important. (My opinion but I need to listen to it!) :)

la casita said...

rike, thank you! quite chuffed to be an inspiration!

ana, yes, what you are saying makes total sense, a home should be felt home because the people you are with and then it should suits all the inhabitants priorities. luckily, my husband hates tv and so we don't have one or worst a huge screen on the wall, my daughter needs space and to move freely around and last i need to be surrounded by calm, art and crafts. in that i think i achieved my goal :-)
though i'd like more art...

thank you all!

eau de nil said...

how beautifully and serenely it has all come together,
despite all the misadventures - and the bench at least
looks very well made. a home is for its inhabitants, to shut their door and be at peace. and i see a lot of peace here :)

WSAKE said...

it looks lovely though - very much so! i´ve come to trust no one in building the exact furniture i want to have so i´m doing it all myself (well, i help my father do so:)), so i totally know what you´re saying...

it´s a long process though, it will take a few years until my appartment looks the way i want it to - quite money- and time consuming...

the vicars alter ego said...

lovely photographs!
looking at them it is quite obvious I need to have a serious tidy in my home! ;^)

PUK said...

You have a very lovely home! I'm quite amazed how you can keep it uncluttered and so colour coordinated. That would never happen in my home - too much clutter and too much colour! ;-)

la casita said...

eau de nil> thank you Xenia, yes, indeed one should be able to shut the door and feel at peace, yet not always is possible, but a serene place might helps. thinking of you xx

wsake> anna, how great you can build your own furniture, I'm so tempted to learn too! thank you for the sympathy :-) indeed to decorate a home is a long and expensive business, I guess it's a primal need too, a way to take care of ourselves and those we love. Home is not much a place is an idea. x

the vicar> :D not my aim to annoy others reminding them to tidy up their homes. this place can be as messy as every lived/loved home. Surely it is better to show the tidiest moments rather than not! ;-)

la casita said...

PUK> de-cluttering is a never ending chore, the trick I guess is to stop bringing stuff at home and choose wisely the what you want surround yourself with is a bit like choosing friends, don't you think? Colour coordination is something I inherited from my dad I guess and then developed by studying art for many, many years, in fact never stopped really. Said so your home should be shaped around your taste and needs, hence if you need colours and "clutter" so be it!
thank you :-)

Vicky said...

What a beautiful, calming room - I dream of having a space like this, but am sadly addicted to clutter!

Kylie Hunt said...

You've made it all look so beautiful Alessandra. I'm not a fan of pine either but it is a great design at least. You've done a great job :) Kx

the vicars alter ego said...

might have to invest in a tarantella cd?

la casita said...

so you tidy up and dance a crazy dance? dunno I used to pogo with punk music ;^)