stacking pottery on the table.


making this tea:
(great for colds)
makes two mugs.

1 lemon (freshly squeezed)
lemon peel (only if the lemon is organic)
1 teaspoon of grated turmeric root
1 tablespoon of grated ginger
2 cups of water
honey (optional)

boil the water,
put the dry ingredients in your favourite teapot,
pour the freshly boiled water on the ingredients,
(not the lemon juice)
steep it for 3 minutes,
strain the tea into your favourite mug,
(now you can add the lemon juice).
drink and think positive.

*last image from my instagram



re-emerging from my dose of yearly bugs.

this time they hit hard
- even though, I've been
pinning, crocheting and drawing -
distractions, an effective way to trick 
the mind.

(as seen on my instagram)

© 2014 Alessandra Taccia


collecting (for a shop update)

I'm collecting and making things for  a shop update.
Here few of the objects they might go for sale.

Inspiration comes from my surroundings.
Domestic landscape, everyday objects not so casually 
justapposed forming interesting patterns and colour 


last image from my instagram.



she feels poorly, (with temperature and a bad cough) 
she wanted to celebrate her birthday anyway
and asked me to bake her this cake.

after I prepared the mixture for the carrot cake, 
about to go into the oven, I realised the oven broke down.

our neighbours kindly bake it for us and "saved the day".

have a nice weekend!


simple things

I like to stack my washed pottery,
to catch the shadows on the wall when a ray of sunshine sneak
through the window,
it only happens in sunny late afternoons and for a brief moment.

It's spring term holidays here in UK, 
slowing down the pace,
we embrace the here and now.



you read something, 
and then you think:


they are gathering

to celebrate a little miss that will turn 9 soon.


pale pink tulips


the delicate work of Anna 




Louise Bourgeois 
in Wanås sculpture park in Sweden
photographs in the book by Anders Norrsell.

'maman is an homage of the artist to her mother,
the woman who held together all the threads of the family'


I've been collecting magazines for years.
I'm done with it.
I took me 4 weeks to edit 72 interior magazines!
2,3 magazines a day (and a good bunch yesterday).
Ended up with a pile of cuttings I'd like to keep.
Almost never read an article in those magazines,
only looked at pictures.


a row of plants on the bench


peperomia angulata



rough stitches.


avocado seed.


Composition 10 in black and white | Piet Mondrian
(*I do not own the copyrights of the third image)